Have you ever gone through a lonely season? God didn’t design you to live a lonely life. There is something greater for you available.

Many people today feel like they are in ‘No Man’s Land’ . The phrase was widely used during the First World War. Each army had its own way of saying it. The French/English term was, ‘le no man’s land’ while the Germans used, ‘Niemandsland’.

It was a place that separated the front lines between opposing armies. This was a place where agreements between armies were made in special occasion to cease from fighting. The occasions varied… From picking up the dead and wounded to observing the first day of spring, it all happened in No Man’s Land. Many have characterized No Man’s Land as the loneliest place on earth.

You may not have been in the First World War, but have you ever been in a place that matches that description in your life? The answer to loneliness is to stop doing life alone. We are relational beings. God meant for us to do life together, not alone. Life is always lived out best with others who love you and are genuinely interested in your well-being.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! -Psalm 133:1

At Driven Church we believe that life should be lived out in community, in groups. If you want to be a part of a life-giving group of individuals and families whose mission is to reach people far from God, then Driven is perfect for you! Check out our next event and connect with us.  Click Here


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